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Vision and mission of our school


The 8th Montessori School Zeeburg is a modern school. Inspired by the principles of Maria Montessori, it provides children with quality education within a safe learning environment. Each child is recognized as an unique individual and empowered to become a responsible, independent, self-confident world citizen.


Our core principle is ‘Teach me to do it myself’. The focus is on children’s learning rather than on teachers’ teaching. Children are invited to enjoy school through an inspiring class environment that meets their needs, interests, abilities, and levels of development (Montessori’s ‘responsive prepared environment’). Learning trajectories are tailor-made and adapted to individual talents. Children learn to reflect on their own learning goals and are made aware of what is being expected of them. 


Stimulating children’s cognitive and emotional development is our overall goal. More specifically, the curriculum focuses on competences needed in today’s knowledge society. Besides basic, social, and cultural skills, creativity, and critical thinking, these include 21st Century skills like communicating, collaborating, media literacy, ICT-competence, computational thinking. And of course: English, the lingua franca of global society. Didactically, Montessori principles and practices (mixed age groups, cooperative learning, using the famous special Montessori materials, etc.) are supplemented by specific methods for e.g. Reading, Arithmetic, Dutch,or English. These methods are used as helpful means, never as goals in themselves.


At our school, children enjoy considerable freedom of choice and movement. They can express themselves within the warm school climate. Yet freedom always exists within boundaries: our school is a community and children learn to respect each other and their teachers. The school has clear rules and regulations, including strict policies against bullying.


For more information on our school, you are most welcome at one of our regular Information meetings on Wednesday or Friday mornings.